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Anti-Theft Safes Are Mandatory Certification Products

Release Time: 2018-04-20 View:

Anti-theft safe purchase:

Currently on the market most of the anti-theft insurance for the A1 class, burglary resistant safes a variety of shape, style products, consumers can choose according to need, but should pay attention

A. Anti-theft insurance is mandatory certification products, consumers buy to recognize the CCC logo, the market marked as anti-theft security products should have CCC logo, no CCC logo can be considered safe deposit box or other products.

B. Consumers according to the different storage value, burglary resistant safes choose different levels of safe, the general family to choose A1 class safes, for the valuables of the unit users, should use high security level safe.

C. Anti-theft insurance cabinet outside the surface of the film (or spray film) color should be uniform, can not have obvious cracks, gowns, spots and other defects.

D. Cabinet height ≤ 600 mm anti-theft safe, the door and the door frame on the right and left gap ≤ 1.5 mm, under the gap ≤ 2 mm, the gap over the General Assembly to reduce the performance of anti-theft.

E. Class A and Class B anti-theft safes shall be of less than 340 kg and shall be fitted with fixing holes, fixed instructions and fixed instructions, to be noted and timely in accordance with the requirements of the instructions fixed.

F. Anti-theft safe door thickness of the general door 8mm ~ 10mm, the cabinet thickness of 6mm or more, so as to ensure the performance of anti-theft, the purchase should be asked to the store plate thickness.

G. There is now on the market there is a security box between the security cabinet and cabinet furniture, its appearance and anti-theft security similar to the lock is also divided into mechanical password and electronic password two types, easy with the anti-theft security Confused, burglary resistant safes but the price is cheap, but the box is thinner than the safe, generally about 2mm steel plate or even metal, easy to be destroyed, anti-theft performance is far better than anti-theft safe. Buy anti-theft safes should be asked clearly, do not miss the safe deposit box, and should be written on the invoice should be clearly the name of the goods.