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Fireproof Standard of Fireproof Gun Safe

Release Time: 2018-03-29 View:

Fireproof safe is kind of safe with function of fireproof and it`s not specialized in anti-burglary.

The body is the most important part to proof fire. Usually, fireproof safe uses double layer thickened cold rolled steel plate to achieve the standard of fireproof level.

Fireproof in the market will have several fireproof tests before be put into the market. They usually use UL fireproof standard : putting fireproof safe in a heating environment. Within 120 mints, the temperature will over 1000℃, but the inner temperature should lower than 177℃ and the newspaper in the safe can not have obvious damage.

Fireproof standard test

First: Fire resistance test

Put fireproof safe in high temperature furnace.

Second: High temperature combustion

Fireproof safe will be put in the high temperature combustion for 1 hour in 980℃

Third: Drop Test

After burning, fireproof safe will be dropped from 4 meters high place to finish the test.


After test, Kaer fireproof safe didn`t have much damage, and the inner documents didn`t have any problem. During the burning, the highest inner temperature is 118℃, far below 177℃ and burning point of paper--183℃.