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How to choose Home Safe

Release Time: 2017-12-25 View:

There are many sizes of safes. Normally, the heights from 250mm to 1200mm are all available. But for home use, there is no need to be too high.

Usually, safe will be chosen from following points:

1. Things that need to be stored in the safe

If you need to store jewelry, credentials and other small things, size of 350*390*330, 450*390*330 is enough.

Bur for storing bags, documents, trophies or other large things, 500*430*380, 600*430*380 and 800*520*460 are suitable.

2. Choosing from the position

We should decide the size of the position for the weight of the safe. The room of wardrobe is limited, the size of safe should be chosen according to it.

If the safe will be put in obvious place like study, the height over 600mm will be suitable and the weight should over 85KG. For that weight, only two or three men can move, so there is no need to install on the wall.

The most popular sizes include 450*390*330, 500*450*400, 600*430*380

Besides, for home and office, only some small important things should be stored, so the safe will be quite small. And for restaurant and supermarket, safe used will be even smaller than home use.