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Introduction to various safes

Release Time: 2017-07-22 View:

Electronic coded lock safes: This kind of safe’s coded lock is controlled by the circuit board of the safe. The electronic coded safes have developed very quickly recent years for its convenient operation.

Mechanical coded safes: It mainly refers to the safes which coded lock is controlled by the mechanical compass. The mechanical password safe is a kind of traditional safes which is popular with people. Actually, there is little difference between the electronic coded lock safes and the mechanical coded safes.

Burglarproof safes: This kind of safes mainly focus on the ability of burglarproof function. And usually, the case body and the door panel are made of steel plate. The steel plant’s hardness is so high that the steel-made sales’ anti-theft function is superior.

Fingerprint safes: It refers to the safe that was unlocked by fingerprint. With the development of the technology, the safe is becoming more and more and more technical, intelligent and humanized. It breaks the complicated pattern of a traditional password safe. With a high-safety fingerprint safe, you don’t have to remember the digital password. Just simply press the fingerprint reader with your finger, the safe’s door will be open.