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Metal Safe Using Steps

Release Time: 2018-05-04 View:

1, if the correct use of the steps to open the door, the green light flash immediately red light, the door can not open to prove that the voltage is not enough, should replace the battery in time for normal use. (This situation is the most common), if the steps in accordance with the correct use of the door to open the door, the green light, but also heard the sound of the code to pull the sound,  steel safes but the door is not automatically bounce, this situation may be the door was Stuck or stuck caused by the safe can be erected in their own direction with the palm of your hand to shoot a beat the door, or cloth with a small blade, from the edge of the door into a little, and then pry loose, the door will pull Open, it may be elastic rod is not enough, the top does not open the door,  steel safes you can use the emergency key to open the door, adjust the spring to the appropriate position of the spring. Or look at the four sides of the door, to see if the gap is as wide as possible, if there is too tight side, or a small door sagging situation, the door can not automatically bounce, this time at the hinge plus a small Gasket, the lower edge of the pad can be high to the appropriate location. (Such as the internal structure of the safe is not familiar with, can not complete their own, this method can be found after the sale of personnel to help deal with, if the door in the operation process, did not hear the code of the suction sound, or only flashing yellow, Work trip did not finish,  steel safes or because the parts failure and thus can not drive the transmission parts, this situation will need to contact the professional after-sales staff parts replacement or maintenance.

2, in the case of low battery voltage,  steel safes it will not open the door, as long as the battery can be replaced.

3, if not inserted in place, will also affect the door, observe if it is inserted in place to see if there are foreign body in the door, causing the door bolt was stuck. Clean up the foreign body, the door bolt and hinge point at the point of lubricating oil, so that more flexible.

4, such as the screw loose, the door bolt out of the door bolt,  steel safes you need to contact the professional after-sales maintenance personnel to deal with.

Note: The emergency key and the backup power box must be properly kept, but can not be placed in a steel safe to prepare for contingencies. Steel safe installation to the vertical level of installation, usually to keep the door clean, long time when not in use, the battery can be removed to prevent leakage. Door bolt or hinge at some point in time some of the lubricating oil, the switch door can become flexible.