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Operation Instruction of Electronic keypad Safes

Release Time: 2017-11-20 View:

Electronic Safes Operational Instructions

1Open the cabinet door

1)  digit to the 8-digit password can be adopted for this product. The default password is:”1234”

2) Insert the master key.First time press”#”Enter” correct password” and then press”#” for confirmation. The display screen shows ”OPEN”

3) Now turn the master key rightward and meanwhile turn the handle on the cabinet door to the right(OPEN)till the end to open the cabinet.

2Close the cabinet door

 1: Close the cabinet door and turn the handle on the cabinet door to the left(CLOSE)to the end.Then pull out the master key.


3.Password resetting

1: Press the red or blue button(change password) in the upper left corner of the door slab when the door is open for standby (no con ten in the display).Then the display screen shows”-----“ which means entering password changing.

2.Enter 1-digit to the 8-digit new password in number area of the panel and press#” for confirmation.

3.In the display screen, the blue light goes out, which means the new password is generated while the old one is replaced. Please use the new password when opening the door next time Conceal password: Press#” before and press”*”entering the password.When you press password again,”0” instead of number will be shown.



1External power (for first use or open the door in an emergency)Place4AA batteries into the external battery holder correctly. Insert the external battery holder into the hole of external power below the panel. Enter the password to open the door.

2.Internal power

After opening the door, place 4 batteries into the internal battery holder on the door slab inside the cabinet and then the internal power can be used

3.Battery changing  

After the batteries have been used for a specific time period (about half a year), if “ ”is full power is found in the display screen or the door fails to be opened occasionally, please replace the battery in time (AI  Kaline batteries are recommended for this product).


5. Inquiry opens the door record:

 1.) Use password first open the door

 2.) Pawn ” electro-magnet inhale to join 10 seconds of screen show: OPEN”, according to the key of “0” or the key of “8” can inquire before opening the door to take notes. Each record divides into tow screens to show.

 3.Show the screen of 1 t h  first: Cipher classification (shape as The “PASS-2” of “PASS-1”)With record number (shape as The “NO58” of “NO01”)

 4.Then show the screen of 2nd: this record opens the door date prompt between.

 5Record turn page: The form of inquiry record intake off according to the key of”0” record number+1: According to the key of “8” record number1.

 6Record clear away: under the state of inquiry records of” CLEAR” had been cleared away

 7.The end button in 10s, quit inquiry return arrive till machine state.

8System can preserve a new record at most, when cord exceeds sub-clause 20, is each to increase a new record, the earliest one will be covered wither cord, it is each to take notes to contain the following information: in year, month, day and week, minute and record number(1=final one, 2 final subclause 2s,------20= final sub-clause 20),cipher classification(1=personal cipher and2= management cipher).


 6And modification systematic date

   1.treat machine sate take off, enter modification systematic date time state according to the key”*”

   2.directly press digital key, input” is annual “—“month”—“day “,” week “,” “:” divide (11 numbers )(corresponding installation state, t e turn to treatment to treatment machine state,

   3Installation in, a shelf that retreats according to the key “*” can be on p u ted again.

   4System can for input digital validity distinguish, she  value that exceeds


7Error alarm and vibration alarm

  1.When you enter a wrong password, please press”*” for backspace.

  2.After you’ve entered a wrong password and pressed “#”,”Error” will be shown on the display screen, which means the wrong password.

  3.If you enter successively three wrong passwords, the Safe will enter alarm status and the sound will last for one minute The alarm will not stop before the correct password has been entered.

  4Vibration alarm: Press”0” once in sleep mode and “ALERT ON” will be shown and you’ll enter alarm status. The Safe will give the alarm for one minute in vibration.(The alarm will not stop before the correct password has been entered)



1), Open door in emergency-(for password forgotten or other reasons, use “emergency key and master key at the same time to open the door.

2).Use an external battery holder when the built-in batteries are at low voltage

3).please keep the emergency key and the master key separately (do not put the emergency key and the external battery holder into the cabinet)

Before opening the emergency doo: first push the black lid out (to the fight )at the right side the digital button, and then the emergency key socket is shown.