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Safe = a lot of cash? The purpose of the safe is to pick up

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Nowadays more and more people will buy safes as a place for documents and contracts. There was a colleague who had just graduated from school and was preparing to enter the journal. When preparing the materials, I found that I needed to use the child's birth certificate. It happened that such a piece of paper, she rummaged through the cabinet for a long time, and finally found it in a bag that had been used for a long time.
       In addition to ID cards, household registration books, birth certificates, etc., graduation certificates are also very important. For example, the registration of an accounting certificate requires the use of a diploma and a degree certificate. Once these are lost, you can only go back to school to make up.
      So to prevent these seemingly inconspicuous, practical and very useful documents, we need a safe to keep it in mind. Don't miss the most important moments in your life because of our youth, our negligence, and even affect the future.
      These documents and documents that are important to them and are of no use to others, can only meet the needs of a permanent safe deposit box, and can be firmly grasped, confident and wonderful when experiencing every important moment in life!