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Safe Is Widely Used In Various Fields

Release Time: 2018-01-11 View:

Property security is a part of every person is worth protecting, often see the news written, so-and-so other people's million deposits by the mouse bite hole, at anytime heavy. Meet such things, really really want to cry, so, in peacetime, we will establish the protection of property security awareness, equipped with safe is undoubtedly a good choice.
Safe is in line with the national standard anti-theft function, but also the national compulsory 3C certification products, from a certain level, the safe is the real meaning of the insurance lockers, Safe Deposit Box can be used for storing valuables and collections.
Safety deposit box specific technical specifications and requirements in the public safety industry standard ga166-1997 "safe" and national standard gb10409-89 "anti-theft safe" in the provisions. According to the standard, the box width should not be less than 450mm, the height should not be less than 320mm, the depth should not be less than 300mm, its characteristics are small size, light weight, Safe Deposit Box with certain anti-theft performance. Its transportation, installation is more convenient, through the expansion of bolts and other fixtures with the ground or wall fixed, thieves are not easy to move. Inlay-type safe inlay on the wall, Safe Deposit Box with a certain degree of concealment. Safes are more suitable for use in hotels and homes. The size of the above provisions should be classified into the scope of the anti-theft safe.
Safe in the family, business office, Banking, government, public security, ATM machines, cashier and other fields are widely used, and modern life and work closely related!
Safe's main
1, Anti-theft: After the relevant departments understand that the home has a safe, can reduce the probability of theft, although the probability of theft may be met in 10, but once stolen we are definitely not the loss of thousands of dollars. Safe Deposit Box A thousand of-dollar safe can prevent such things from happening.
2, fire prevention: the need for fire price is high, but once the home fire or unit fire all valuables can be intact so that the home conditions can be considered, Safe Deposit Box otherwise if the fire is not a fire cabinet can make up.
3, put dangerous goods: it can be said that children are naughty, they are lively and lovely, and we can not always look at them, this time we put dangerous items in the safe to completely solve the worries.
4, Storage privacy: It can be said that everyone has a reluctance to allow others to contact the privacy because we are in different ways to see different things, Safe Deposit Box so the results are certainly different.
5, place valuables: especially in the home often have strangers in and out, the home valuables into the safe can reduce unnecessary trouble? And especially the memory is not very good often put valuables forget the crowd, better should be equipped with a safe, because we need to find what directly open the safe on the OK.