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Safe Maintenance And Precautions

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Keep valuables or confidential documents of the Cabinet the most reliable safety device, iron is generally safe, anti-theft, fire-resistant, anti-magnetic, waterproof and resistant to corrosion. According to the password works differently, and electronic safety deposit box can be divided into mechanical insurance for two, which are cheaper, more reliable performance. Early safe, mostly machinery and safety deposit box. An electronic safe is an electronic code, IC card intelligent control in the electronic lock to the safe mode, it is easy to use, can frequently change passwords. And for safe, how can we clean and maintain in their daily lives?
1, if the box surface there are stains, you can't use chemical solvent, to be a little cleaner to scrub with a clean cloth. If with has corrosion sex of chemical solvent scrub safe of surface, easy makes its surface paint cracked, and color, makes its oxidation, and rust, so usually in clean safe Shi, should note with clean rag dip Shang little clean agent to scrub, guarantee it not was corrosion, weierxin reminded you usually also should note not let safe dip to has corrosion sex of liquid or will its placed in and corrosion sex gas of environment in the.
2, boxes for indoor use at room temperature. Safe in a humid and corrosive gas environment, or under exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet light strongly, will make its surface paint cracking, discoloration, plastic color, aging, surface rust, oxidation, electronics is unstable and prone to failure. So in order to maintain the safe, weierxin reminds you to the safe should be placed in a normal room, guaranteeing its normal use.
3 racks, AAA batteries to use the 5th-, leak-free high-quality alkaline batteries. Places to pay attention to the polarity of the battery when the battery according to polarity markings on the battery box is placed. Weierxin reminds you that if long-term useful add-ins without safe or safety deposit box battery, you should remove the battery from the battery box.