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The difference between safe and safe deposit box

Release Time: 2019-01-08 View:

The "safe deposit box" and the "safety box" are not only literally different, but their shape and color are the same as those of the safe. The locks used also emulate the mechanical password and electronic password of the safe. It is difficult for the average consumer to distinguish the distinction, that is, some practitioners are also very vague about the difference between the two. Since the safe deposit box is much cheaper than the safe deposit box, some manufacturers make articles on the product manual or the introduction materials, deliberately using ambiguous words, causing consumers to confuse the two and induce consumers to purchase, while "safety box" and "safe" The safe deposit box is very different in terms of material usage and the most basic anti-theft function. So, how do you distinguish between a "safe" and a "safe deposit box"? The following is a comparison of the Yongfa safe as an example with the safe deposit box on the market.