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Three strategies to reduce procurement costs

Release Time: 2019-01-29 View:

       1.Preferred Suppliers: Preferred suppliers are one of the keys to controlling the cost of purchasing materials. Cooperating with honest and credible suppliers not only guarantees the quality of delivery, the timeliness of delivery, but also the payment method and price care, especially when signing long-term contracts with them, often get more price concessions. . When choosing a supplier, it is best to choose factory direct sales, not some trading companies. Factory direct sales eliminates the difference between the middlemen and the product quality and after-sales service. The most important thing is to reduce the procurement cost.

      2. Bulk purchase: By increasing the quantity of purchases and forming a large-scale purchase, it can increase the bargaining chips with suppliers, so as to obtain better prices to reduce procurement costs. If the purchase volume does not reach the volume, you can choose to jointly purchase, that is, to purchase together with other small businesses to obtain price discount. In addition, because the cost also includes freight, the larger the purchase quantity, the lower the cost of each product is distributed. Just like the price difference between buying one and buying one hundred safes is great.

   3. Grasp the best time to purchase: Prices will often change with the seasons and market supply and demand. Therefore, procurement personnel should pay attention to the law of price changes and grasp the timing of procurement. As far as the safe foreign trade industry is concerned, the prices of steel raw materials, sea freight rates in different seasons, and currency exchange rates directly affect the prices of export products. Due to the uncertainty of these factors, the effective period of a foreign trade quotation is usually one week.